Welcome to the Learn Sign Language Video Series!

Learn ASL Quickly and Correctly.

Hey, thanks for checking out our ASL series! We do not take for granted that you are here, there are so many options for learning ASL (American Sign Language) online. Between courses, textbooks, posters, YouTube videos and more — it is hard to narrow them down. That is why we created this series. They say necessity is the mother of invention and it is true. When we were looking to purchase a sign language video series for ourselves they were either “too collegey” or worse just slideshow videos of pictures. These videos did not suit our needs, so we set out to not only master American Sign Language but create a ASL video series that brings learning and fun together.

ASL Video Series | Learn ASL OnlineAmerican Sign Language is not hard, it is just different. Any sign language for that matter.  It is a completely different form of communication than what you may be used to. That is why an ASL video series works so well to learn sign language. It is such a visual thing, with motion involved — a picture just does not cut it. We provide not only our great video series but ALSO picture guides to help you follow along and boost your learning. Stop, rewind, pause. It is up to you. Practice this beautiful  language in the comfort of your home and control the pace. Not sure you mastered that lesson. Watch it a few times until you really got it down. Our videos were made entertaining enough to watch over and over and not be boring!

Ready to start learning? We are ready to ship your DVDs today! Or, because we know many of our students are on laptops and in classes, our top 4 DVDs (Basics of Sign 1, Basics of Sign 2, Fingerspelling, Sign Language 3) are available as downloads as well as our curriculum.  Download your copy today, it is so easy!